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The Double Day Mini Tour with
Mike Bliss & (a.k.a. Shakeit O.D.).
Day one friday Ashfield Lakehouse, Day two saturday Meadows Golf Clubhouse, as a three piece band, at the Lakehouse new faces and great dancing, great steaks. A Performance before many Lovely Ladies an great fun (wink)! A new location for us the Meadows Golf Course Clubhouse nice in the Greenfield area more shenanigans, Dave Gladstone and the crew showed up, the bartender boy does she move on the DANCE FLOOR (hard work made into fun).
Shakeit On Down
The DD Mini Tour Band

Bass -------- Mike Bliss
Guitar ------- Art Steele
Drums ------ Bill Arnold

Friday 23rd Lakehouse
Ashfield, MA
Saturday 24th Clubhouse
Greenfield, MA
Return Engagement
June dates to come in 2007

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Shakeit On Down
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Bill Arnold Drums
a.k.a. Shakeit O. D.
Art Steele Guitar Vocals
a.k.a. Shakeit O. D.
Vishnu Wood Bass
a.k.a. Shakeit O.D.
Well these six purple pages that tell a story of Evening Pro Blusica a typical Blues Band in a New England valley has come to a close. I Thought I'd share something good with you. You know it just doesn't seem right to pass by the color Purple with out taking NOTICE!                              Page V

a.k.a. Shakit On Down -- Blusica.Com