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I made a lot of phone calls from the old band numbers list and actually got in touch with a few people that performed in Evening Pro Blusica, (back in the days of the
Hot L) I called most of the day and to my surprise I got through to Johnny Fuller and Ken Ludlum, so I had to add an extra page to accommodate the additional photos.

Also another friend that is on that list is Jeff Smith Bass, he played a Armstrong acrylic see through electric bass.

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Johnny Fuller Bass

attended those Sunday Jam Sessions at the 
Hot L. 
He now plays with the
Swift Kicks Band

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Ken Ludlum Sax
This photo is with
The Poor Boys -- Pittsfield MA.
they were playing at an 
outdoor wedding
the photo time frame is 1990 - 1995.
Ken entrusted me with his only photo.
FYI: Vishnu was his 
Academic advisor at Hampshire,
before that an alumni of the HOT L (small world).
A forgotten part of Northampton's historical music culture, there were two clubs that come to mind, The Lazy River and Sheean's. These Music hot spots are long gone. Sheean's had a load in that made playing a gig an adventure. There was a stair case that twisted around to the basement. I tell you after that load in all you wanted to do is play, the crowds from the schools were more than receptive I always had a great time, real history remembered.   Retro II CD
was recorded live over a number of nights at Sheean's Northampton, MA

Time frame 1989-1990
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In the Blues the principal blues melodies are, in fact, holler cadences, set to a steady beat and thus turned into dance music and confined to a three-verse rhymed stanza of twelve to sixteen bars. The singer can either repeat the same basic melody for each stanza or improvise a new melody to reflect the changing mood of the lyrics. Blues rhythm is also very flexible. Performers often sing "around" the beat, accenting notes either a little before or behind the beat.   Page III

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