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At the Pink Cadillac Evening Pro Blusica
started it's Hump Day Celebration every wednesday night we'd show up and play swing, and blues covers, as basically
same players band a first for Blusica. met more new people and added a new keyboard player Gale Lamareux. from the Pink Caddy we moved in and around the valley but mostly played in Belchertown at the center, the club used to have a cow on the top of the building around 1988 :)

1993 FXR
Harley Davidson 


Lets see how many people I can remember that played in EPB that have not been mentioned ?
Ted Levine - Sax
Ward Allen - Bass
Reco Spence - Bass
Larrie Albano - Bass
John Frye - Sax
Lets not forget
Ken Ludlum Sax
Rick Southwick
Bill Stepshoe (Blue Bill)
Guitar, Vocals
Jana Byrdd
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Tom Stoddard 1980-81
Evening Pro Blusica
Evening Pro Blusica1980-81

One of many rehearsal spaces Blusica used to rehearse. This garage located in Springfield was refurbished to include living space, rehearsal space and band storage it was a three car garage.
 found a photo on the web of
Bill Halloran's CD
it's entitled
Wildcat O'Halloran Band 
Slow Learner
click on CD for link.
Blues lyrics contain some of the most fantastically penetrating
autobiographical and revealing statements in the Western musical tradition. For instance, the complexity of ideas implicit in Robert Johnson's 'Come In My Kitchen', such as a barely concealed
desire, loneliness, and tenderness, and much more:
"You better come in my kitchen, It's gonna be rainin'  outdoors"
FYI There is a Radio Show on UMASS Radio that is about Blues. Ellen Miller-Mack has a show entitled PM Eclectic Blame It On The Blues, the show airs on Fridays from 2:30 pm. till 5 pm. So if you get a chance connect to live streaming PM Eclectic on 91.1FM, WMUA          Page II

a.k.a. Evening Pro Blusica Blusica.Com