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Members of the band around 1989

Art Steele - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Sarah Greene - Guitar, Vocals
Jana Byrdd -Tenor & Alto Saxes, Vocals
Bob Wrzenski - Bass
Bill Arnold - Drums, Vocals

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Blusica started in
South Deerfield Ma.
at the
One of the areas finest hotels, a really nice 
place to go
around the corner is
Yankee Candle Outlet.
Started as fun, darts
and Sunday Evening
Blues Music
with friends.
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At the HOT L Guest would come and sit in during the night
fun with friends!

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  Remembering the musician's that would show up in those days is just a pleasure. The HOT L was the place for area blues people to meet, lets see Doug Whynott, Tom Stoddard, Brian Eckelstone, Bill Halloran (a.k.a. Wildcat) and Ed Vadas. This all was happening before the fabulous Heavy Weights and bands like that.
There were other clubs with a far better reputation but the HOT L was the place to call home for many musicians, a great Sunday evening of Blues, and that's how it was.
After the Hot L, lets see, Evening Pro Blusica had a name for the band and things seemed to move on. Blusica moved to the Pink Cadillac on Rt. 9 University Drive, Amherst.

Doug Whynott at the Keyboard 
3 County Fair 9/03/06
Thank You to Dave Gladstone he took this shot of Doug.
 Shake It On Down had the opportunity to play at the 
3 county fair and we had a special guest appearance by Doug Whynott. Doug played several numbers and even though the weather didn't cooperate the music wiped the tears from the crying sky. The band that day Art Steele, Bill Arnold, Tom Terry, Vishnu Wood and Special Guest Doug Wyhnott.
Preaching The Blues Hosted by Ed Vadas
The word 'blue' has been associated with the idea of melancholia or depression since the
Elizabethan era. The American writer, Washington Irving is credited with coining the term 
'the blues,' as it is now defined, in 1807. The earlier history of the blues musical tradition is 
traced through oral tradition as far back as the 1860s.                                              Page I 

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