There is a great feeling performing live inspirational Blues and we got the chance to do this for the USAF Troups at Westover for the second time. The performance at Westover A.F.B. Feburary 3rd, as a five piece band took my sprits and lifted them, On Bass Richard (Rich) Downs  Fast Eddie sat in for a version of Sweet Home Chicago. Fast Eddie did a great job and the croud responded with enthusiastic applause. Art Steele, Paul Arslanian, Greg Lent and Myself, that's the Air Force Blues Band :). At the Westover Club.
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Well Art Steele Blues Band
(a.k.a. ASBB). We took the opportunity to perform at Westover A.F.B. November 4th,
as a five piece band, and a glimmer of light peeked through the shaded musical  tunnel. A Performance before an early full house, guest from as far as
New Hampshire MA.
The Band
Keys -- Paul Arslanian
Sax ---------- Greg Lent
Bass -------- Tom Terry
Guitar ------- Art Steele
Drums ------ Bill Arnold
Special Guest on Harp
Fast Eddie
Return Engagement
Feb. 3rd 2007
There is more to the Blusica story. The performing name has changed through out the years, mostly because of people coming in and out of the band, including myself. I have met a lot of good people playing BLUES and I hope to meet more.
Photo at right
Bass Tom, Drums Bill A, Guitar Art
SEVEN O's 12/15/2007
The Last Show in 2007
A Saturday Night in Sunderland MA.
Photo Barbara Densmore
Audio File Click Here
Whiskey On The Shelf recorded June 20th, 2005 at 
Theodores Springfield, MA
from the CD T1
The band
Art Steel, Bill Arnold, Vishnu Wood 
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No video as of yet.
The Current Blues Band has evolved into a fun based new twist of the blues band as it was Art Steele and Bill Arnold trying our best to play and pass on the blues searching for the connection. (Art Steele Blues Band, Shake It On Down, Evening Pro Blusica) These names only reflect the many years that have gone by and hopefully the ones to come!

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Past Area Performances Archived

Friday Night
01/12/07 @ 8:00 - 11:30pm
Mt. Wachusett
Copper Top Ski Lodge
Princeton MA.

Westover A.F.B.
NCO Club
Chicopee MA.
5 piece band

Saturday Night
November, 4th 2006 at 8:00pm

Saturday Night
February, 3rd 2007 at 8:00pm

Friday December 15th, 2006
Art Steele and Shake It on Down
Vishnu Wood on bass
Billy Arnold on drums
Ashfield Lakehouse
8:30PM -12:30AM Ashfield, MA 
call 413-628-0158
Saturday Night
02/24/07 @ 8:30pm
Ashfield Lakehouse
Ashfield MA.
The performance on
February 2nd 2007 at
has been rescheduled to
June 6th 2007
Friday Night
Friday Night
03/23/07 @ 8:30pm
Ashfield Lakehouse
Ashfield MA.
Saturday Night
03/24/07 @ 8:30pm
Golf Course
Greenfield MA.
Wensday Afternoon
07/30/12 @ 6:00pm
Porter Phelps
Hunting House
Hadley, MA.
Friday Afternoon
07/18/12 @ 6:30pm
South Deerfield
Town Park
S.Deerfield, MA.
Live at Theodores T1 (with Shake It on Down) $10 with return postage included
The packaging is plain and basic but I am proud of the music.

a CD available in a quirky way... We burned a nice CD of our live gig at
Theodores in Springfield on June 20th, 2005

We used two mikes in the audience to record so the audience is really part of the show 
with talking, glasses clinking, etc The deal is this-

Go to the website at: and email me your mailing address'--I will send you the CD as a gift.
If-and only if, you like what you hear- and want to support this way of getting live music out-then send $10- to:
Art Steele - PO BOX 345, Sunderland, MA 01375 We use this money to pay for the materials, postage and handling to send this gift to the next person- Essentially, you'll underwrite the next person getting the CD as a gift-- as someone before you has underwritten you getting yours- In this way we all support eachother and live music. Let me know what you think. (Art Steele).

FYI There is a Radio Show on Valley Free Radio that is about Blues. Art Steele has a show entitled Inside The Blues, the show airs on Thursdays from 2 pm. till 4 pm. most of the time, it is based on his schedule when he is not on the road he does the show. 103.3 FM, WXOJ-LP
Here is a bit of BlusicaTrivia during the days of the HOT L  there was a radio show in the morning on WMUA UMASS the show was hosted by a Disc Jocky named Blue Bill. the name of the show was Morning Pro Musica, Blusica made a couple of morning apperances on that show.  What came frist Morning Pro Musica or Evening Pro Blusica